Alfonso Unceta

Doctor in Sociology and Professor at the University of the Basque Country. He is also the Director of Sinnergiak Social Innovation.

Ainara Zubillaga

Director of Education and Training at the Cotec Foundation for Innovation. She has pursued her professional career at different university institutions as a teacher, researcher and management supervisor.

Ander Caballero

A Basque Government delegate to the United States from 2013 to 2018, Ander has led the development of the Basque biotech company Progenika Biopharma in the Middle East and directed operations for its diagnostic laboratories in North America.

Beatriz Belmonte

Director of strategic design for the public sector at the PublicTech Lab at the Enterprise Institute. She has worked with design consultancies, open innovation programs and govtech ecosystems to promote a new generation of digital public services.

Carlos Valencia Garcés

Associate professor and director of the Centro Javeriano de Competitividad Empresarial (CJCE) of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Elena Costas

Founding Partner of KSNET. PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona and Master’s in Economics from University College London.

Fernando Fernández Monge

Senior Associate at the Harvard Bloomberg City Leadership Initiative and Professor at IE School of Global and Public Affairs. Fernando is also a consultant to the World Bank.

Fernando Valladares

Research Professor at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and Associate Professor at King Juan Carlos University (Madrid). Fernando heads research on the impacts of climate change in interaction with other environmental changes.

Idoia Ortíz de Artiñano

Founder and Director of the Public TechLab at IE (Instituto de Empresa). Previously, she was Senior Manager of the IDB Secretariat.

Stephen Ansolabehere

Frank G. Thompson Professor of Government at Harvard University.

Kirsten Dunlop

General Director of Climate-KIC. Kirsten’s career spans academia, consulting, banking, insurance, strategy, design, innovation and leadership, on three continents.

Lucas Gortazar

Senior Fellow of Education, Esade Center for Economic Policy (EadeEcPol) and World Bank Education Specialist. Master’s in Economics from the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (Cemfi) and PhD in Economics from the UPV/EHU.

Maria Jose Canel

PhD in Communication (University of Navarra, Spain), Leadership Program in Public Management (IESE), Professor of Political Communication and the Public Sector, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

Mikel Mancisidor

Jurist and doctor in International Relations and Diplomacy (Geneva School of Diplomacy), Mikel is a member (independent expert) of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2013-2024).

Pauline Carnet

Film Ethnography and Research Senior Lead at Policy Lab, UK.

Peter Loge

Associate Professor at the Media and Public Affairs School, George Washington University, Founding Director of the Project on Ethics in Political Communication and strategic communication consultant.